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General Tips For New Pet Owners:

Pet Proof Your Home:

Curiosity can sometimes get the better of us. Your new pet is no different. Make sure your home safe place for your new pet. Look for potential hazards like electrical cords and items that are small enough to swallow and many other things that may be a potential danger.

Get the Right Gear:

Be sure to pick up essentials such as collar and leash if necessary, crate and/or cozy bed, food, treats, toys, ect. These items can vary from pet to pet, but the idea is to make home feel like home. These items can assist in making the transition much more smooth, for yourself and your new companion.

Vet Visit:

The initial vet visit is an important one. You want to make sure all the shots are up to date, make sure your companion is healthy, and get an idea of what foods are best for your new pet to live healthy life.

Build a Bond, Spend Time with Your Pet:

During the first couple of months it is important to create a bond with the new member of your family. Try not to go out of town or leave your pet alone for an extended period of time. Being around them will help, as they get acclimated with their new home and new life.

Establish Boundaries:

When getting a new pet is can be tempting to step back a little on the rules and boundaries. Resisting this temptation can avoid a situation later, as bad habits are much easier to prevent than to break. Providing structure can make you new pet feel more secure and understand exactly what is expected of them.